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Pearl River Channel Interview with McKays

Time : 2022-09-02 Hits : 22

In recent years, GuangzhouEVOACAS has taken scientific and technological innovation as an important strategy for its own development, and in the process of continuous self-improvement and improvement, it has stood its ground among many enterprises and occupied its own place in the trend of social development. As a member of the young private enterprise,EVOACAS has been gaining more and more strength to enter the international market.

图片1As a member of high-tech private enterprise, Guangzhou McKeith has been taking technology research and development as the core, and has established a set of perfect core technology, and won more than 30 soft and patent certificates, which has laid the foundation for the development of our subsequent enterprises.

Our current honors include: Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Small Giant Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Entrant, Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise .


GuangzhouEVOACAS in China's strong manufacturing supply chain support, according to its team in the market segmentation experience, the Internet of Things and new retail, unmanned self-service category, consumer upgrading class of coffee machine products is more in line with the new era, the power of the new generation, but also more in line with the development of the trend, while the freshly ground coffee machine products as a global product, the market is vast, which is also our company was established at the beginning of the choice of This is also the original intention of this industry.

At the same time, under the support of government policies at all levels, with its own excellent R & D technology, Guangzhou McCafe is gradually showing a good trend, which also makes us more confident, more power, and more confident that in a few years, we will make our own piece of heaven in this industry, have their own a leading position in the market.

The relevant departments said, next, Guangzhou will continue to promote the private economy to achieve high-quality development, providing important support for the city's economic development. Our company here also hopes to become the leader in the field of commercial coffee machines in China and a business card in the segment of commercial coffee machines through our own efforts.