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The differences between a commercial coffee machine and a domestic coffee machine

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A cup of coffee wakescorporate image. But with so many different types of coffee machines available, how do you choose the best freshly ground coffee machine for your business?

There are thousands of coffee machines on the market, but in terms of functional use, there are only two types of coffee machines: commercial coffee machines and home coffee machines. What is the difference between them? Let's find out together.







Intelligent control

Commercial coffee machines have a large touch operation screen,The operator screen can be used for front-end sales operations he back-office management operations, machine operation and maintenance management, and beverage management. The coffee machine can make a cup of freshly ground coffee in less than a minute, and the machine can also be monitored remotely, so that a lack of beans or water will remind you to deal with it in time. This makes cleaning and maintenance a little easier.

Home coffee machines are relatively less intelligent than commercial coffee machines, with a mechanical button-type operating panel. In terms of coffee drink making, the coffee/sugar/milk concentration cannot be freely adjusted, which also does not meet the needs of staff with multiple tastes; in terms of coffee machine management, without the application of remote management technology, it is impossible to monitor the machine status in real time at the computer, which requires a dedicated person to manage the home coffee machine, resulting in a workload for administrative staff.


Types of drinks

MACAS commercial coffee machine generally has more than 10 kinds of drinks, coffee machine in less than a minute to make a cup of freshly ground coffee, the machine can make the number of drinks is also an important selection criteria, the more the machine's material box, meaning that the more ingredients, with the more varieties of drinks also

Home coffee machine drink variety is relatively single, generally only black coffee, espresso American style, the two bitter coffee, can not meet the staff multi-taste needs.


Coffee machine cleaning and maintenance

Commercial coffee machines are also more user-friendly in terms of equipment cleaning, with not only a one-touch cleaning function, but also a timed cleaning function to facilitate cleaning needs at different times. This is designed in such a way that it takes less time to clean the coffee machine. Even if maintenance staff do not have the time to set a timer for cleaning the coffee machine will automatically clean the pipes, ensuring that every cup of coffee is fresh and hygienic, providing employees with a good cup of coffee full of energy.

Home coffee machines only have a manual one-touch cleaning function, which increases the burden on maintenance staff


Water supply methods

Home coffee machines are generally only equipped with a small water tank, which can be filled up with water directly from the vessel holding the water, while commercial coffee machines are divided into two methods of water supply: filtered tap water supply and pure water supply in barrels, to ensure that the coffee machine has a large demand for water. Due to the different modes of water supply, home coffee machines are considerably cheaper compared to commercial coffee machines.


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