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Macas MACES4C-00 fully automatic coffee vending machine

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China Macas has a model of commercial desktop self-service coffee machine, maces4c-00.

This fully automatic coffee machine provides a series of powerful functions to improve its reliability, maintainability and stability.


The average daily coffee production of maces4c-00 can reach 125000 cups, which provides a reliable choice for providing a variety of coffee flavors. The milk system ensures that the quality of drinks is always maintained at a high level. Hot milk uses high-quality milk powder to make milk foam. If you like dense milk foam, I suggest you consult our milk foam machine.

The functions of the machine can meet your daily coffee needs, including intelligent remote control operation, which can provide effective and convenient maintenance of the coffee machine.

Designed for execution

With its slim dimensions (70.00 * 42.00 *45.00 cm)design, and optional constant water supply(bottle water and tap water) which can support long time running and rapid investment gain back.

When the machines off working time,it can diaplay your advertisment on the 15.6' screen.

The automatic coffee machine can be equipped with a coffee bean canister, three powder canisters of 2.5 L and a ditting coffee bean grinder. The built-in lockable hopper ensures that the machine will not be damaged during self-service operation.


You can choose to use configurable templates designed for fully automatic machines to customize products according to your preferences,including the dose level of drinks. The 15.6-inch touch screen allows users to slide through all available features, including recipe, image and advertising settings, as well as cleaning and care procedures. For more convenience, the function bar at the bottom edge of the display screen has special preset functions. You can select different language menus to meet the needs of customers.

Methods of mechanical maintenance

As long as open the back cover , the parts can be easily replaced. If necessary, professional after-sales personnel will provide remote guidance to repair the parts or if it's software problems,we can repair it through our cloud platform. This makes working on the machine easier and faster to maintain.


Daily convenience

Adjustable Mug height which can help you meet any different size of cups.

The basic milk system provides the highest quality hot milk and hot milk foam. A boiler in a constant waterway ensures that the coffee reaches the most appropriate drinkable warmth.

The machine includes a level sensor to keep everything running smoothly. A similar concept applies to the mixing wheel in the powder hopper and the coffee bean canister. If the connection is not correct or the powder is used up, the sensor will send out a message, which will be displayed on the screen or your phone app of our cloud platform to remind you.

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