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How to choose commercial coffee machines

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Depending on the size of your own company and how many cups of coffee your employees drink a day to consider is whether or not this commercial automatic coffee machine can be used by your employees. If there are 300 employees, then the maximum capacity of the coffee machine you can take into account. Generally in larger offices, if the average employee drinks 2-3 cups per day, then a coffee machine needs to output twice as many cups of coffee as the number of employees. Therefore, it is important to keep track of how often employees drink coffee, and some commercial coffee machines are perfectly suited to handle higher cup volumes.


How to install the coffee machine

You need to consider the size and location of the space that can be left for the coffee machine in the office, generally coffee machines are divided into desktop and vertical, if space is limited, you can consider desktop coffee machines, placed on the counter can be, commercial coffee machines generally have direct water connection type and water tank type two. Can be placed near the direct drinking water, or buy buckets of water.


Maintenance and Repair

No matter which brand and model of commercial automatic coffee machine you choose, you will need to clean and maintain it in a timely manner. Most commercial coffee machines come with a regular cleaning and rinsing function, just like the Macas coffee machines come with a regular cleaning and rinsing function, and you can also monitor the machine status remotely, and the lack of beans or water will remind you to deal with it in time. This makes cleaning and maintenance a little easier


Beverage types and preparation time

The touch screen one click to start making, the production process can also adjust the amount and taste, the coffee machine in less than 1 minute to make a cup of freshly ground coffee, the number of drinks the machine can make is also an important selection criterion, the more boxes the machine has, means more ingredients, with the more varieties of drinks.


Self-service convenience

Customers can directly order the drinks they want and then scan the code to pay for them, the drink making time is as short as 1 minute, like Macas coffee machine can also support WeChat, Alipay, coin, bill, and other payment methods, if it is currently used by the office itself to set the machine to free mode. The status of the machine can be monitored remotely, so you can always be aware of the condition of the machine.

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