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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Suzhou Branch). 

On June 11, ICBC's first new smart branch based on 5G application was unveiled in Suzhou.

This smart branch deeply integrates big data, artificial intelligence and face recognition to create a financial service rich in technology and futuristic sense. In this cooperation with ICBC, Guangzhou EVOACAS brought its automatic freshly ground coffee machine equipment with face recognition payment application to bring a new intelligent experience to the bank branch service.



At present, our company has cooperated with many provincial and municipal ICBCs one after another.

With the upgrading of consumption and the improvement of VIP service level of banks, our company is working closely with provincial and municipal ICBCs, and we are installing our automatic coffee machines for them one after another. With the function of face payment, ICBC aggregated payment embedding, customization software development, etc.

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